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A little bit about me



i go by the name of mayaspoken. i am passionate about words and their ability to create positive impact when used the right way. i guess that is how I became a spoken word artist. in 2015, a young black girl in grade 12 decided to enter a poetry slam to share her experiences with racism and abuse. she placed first and has been using her words to impact change and spread a message of light and positivity ever since. that girl, is me! 

in 2017 i founded tell 'Em girl. through women's spoken word and art showcases we provide a platform to women to be bold and confident in who they are un-APOLOGETICALLY.

in 2018 i released my debut poetry novel "warriors in Broad Daylight". it tells the story of what i faced growing up from racism, to sexual and physical abuse and how i was able to overcome it all. this is only the beginning for me and i hope that i will be able to continue doing what i do, creating an impact and sparking change everywhere i go!

thank you for joining me!