The Best Day I’ve Had in Years #BellLetsTalk

Last Friday was one of the best days that I have had in years. I’ve been very open on social media about my experiences with mental illness, specifically dealing with PTSD however, a lot of the details of my struggles have left me in the dark with doctors telling me they are not sure what’s wrong or what to do for years. Some mornings I wake up without memory of where I work, who the closest people around me are, or on the worst days I wake up unable to move, without memory of how to even walk.

Everything changed last Friday. For years I have jumped from doctor to doctor searching for an answer on my worsening condition. Every week I have been spending 3 hours in intensive therapy where they have been closely analyzing my symptoms and experiences to give me an updated diagnosis. Last Friday was the best day I have had in a long time because I got that diagnosis and for the first time, this doctor looked me in my eyes and told me that everything I was experiencing was normal, that they had answers and I was going to be okay.

Over the years, and even more recently I have had people (close people) tell me my condition wasn’t real because “who could be okay one day I and not okay the next”. Comments like these are what made my journey even harder and on some days even made me want to give up.

Last Friday changed everything for me because it confirmed that my experiences and feelings were valid and that what I was experiencing was normal and something I could overcome. Experiences like what so had last Friday are what we need to give to others. Just because we don’t understand someone’s struggle doesn’t make it not real. The best thing we can do is help others see that their feelings and experiences are valid and real. As confusing as it can be for us on the outside looking in, it is even more terrifying for the person affected. So for #bellletstalk I want to challenge everyone to do more to support their friends in need and to mindful of the words you speak. If you have someone in your life who might be struggling, the best thing you can tell them is that their feelings are valid and to offer support in whatever way they need. Be patient with your loved ones and steer away from judgement. Your response to their situation makes a greater impact than you think. #bellletstalk

Poem is from my book, Warriors in Broad Daylight 💖

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